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Pueblo is a community of builders, a group of people bound not only by their love for their city, but by their shared passion for family, honor, sport, and unique Southern Colorado culture.


Hardened like the steel that we have built for decades, Puebloans are known for their resilience and determination. I’m proud of our city, our community and the friends, families and neighbors that it’s made of. I believe we can be better together, if only we take the time to listen to one another and resolve the issues with the same spirit that’s built Pueblo in decades past. Yet, while Pueblo’s politics are its own, far from the issues that plague DC, we seem to have stumbled upon a similar type of polarization that’s plaguing our national discourse. Our community has veered off the path of unity and equity, changing course and trying in vain to take aim at a more “prosperous” future, while shutting off our ears to our neighbors. So too, has this affected Pueblo’s current City Council. I seek a seat on council to represent those who feel they no longer have a champion in their local government.

Supporting Causes

I believe that a strong city starts with core values and progresses from there. That is why my platform is focused on the following five key areas of prosperity:

Enhancing Urban Development

Community Outreach

Addressing Homelessness

Expanding Recreation

Policing Potential

Video Credit and Copyright to
Lawrence Ramos

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