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Brandon has spent his life in Colorado. Having attended college in several parts of the state, he has seen what makes Pueblo so special. Whether it be a love of duty, a culture of diversity, or a passion for tradition, Brandon wants to amplify all the good that has made Pueblo one-of-a-kind.


A graduate of Pueblo South High School, Brandon Martin has deep roots in the community. With a family history in the area that dates back 3 generations, he knows what it means to be a Puebloan. Raised by two Army veterans, one of which who continues to lead our community in law enforcement, Brandon’s ideals are shaped by a commitment to service.


Over the course of his career, Brandon has held several jobs that have shown him the value of hard work. As a Manager, Bartender, Home-Health Director, and most recently as a Contractor-Worker for the City of Pueblo, he knows what it means to be on the frontlines. He carries with him a real perspective, one that is fresh, inclusive and emboldened by everyday people.

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